TR Laureate Question

Was the TR Ruso-Japanese laureate some predecessor of the Axis limitrophes of Eurasia? Because I sense that the later German eastward activities into the Russia between those boundary states were against some premise which later became known as containment. Yet, as I usually believe: the activities of nations are rarely intended to be intentionally about war; despite the pertaining causal expansion of carboniferous fuels mechanization during the 20th century: It appears that the finite biocarbon energy age’s accomplishment of societal premise application will be to have mapped and built the infrastructures of the northern hemisphere continents. Habitable and productive lands have become the construct locales of humanity as resource poor wasteland wildernesses await some future epoch with intentions beyond the capacities and purposes of human need.

Natural Resources

Resource scarcity has gone global. While incapacitated people might have once been burned at the stake or guillotined for talking like a lord when they should have been a participant amidst the popular majority of farm laborers; agronomy has mostly transformed into a provider of liberty from such tasks as hoeing and threshing.

Today, rather than it being that the absence of one’s daily toil converts into a threat of starvation for a Connecticut neighborhood; the world in stead now faces issues such as providing USA soy foods to India and US/Canadian wheat ramen noodles and rice to China. With current global populations between 7 and 8 billion people and exponentially rising, one can perhaps take educated, statistically mathematical guesses at the number of dry bulk and container ships departing now and into the future from US ports bound for the Pacific Rim; full of Soy, Wheat, Corn, and Rice from the USA.

Further, most Americans think of commuting to work or the shopping center, instead of such things as seaborne dry bulk fuel oil scarcity. This, whenever petrochemical scarcity realities and resultant conflict scenarios are overcome by the din of not wanting to fight for fuels, a desire to save the environment, and a benevolent wish to allow CPEC to proceed through Persia.

So how then, now and at least for thirty more years, do trillions of servings of tofu soybeans and ramen noodle wheat in raw bulk form from the USA, get to tables in India and China?

It is interesting that the thirty years timeframe may correspond with an ETA at terminal depletion of the fuels requisite for US agriculture to feed the world. It seems now to be an old story that one monopolist tried to personally own the bulk of these fuels, and that another anti-Wahhabist Saudi oil family son tried to reunite South and North Arabia under pure Suni Islam while simultaneously drawing Persian Shi’a Islam into a great purifying Gihad… all by attacking the USA.

Histories of Science

Fifties, and high school, orbital electrons looked much different from the electron field theory that surprised me at university. Not a chemist, I wonder what a molecule is today. I believe there are stages to understanding them within the K-PhD curriculum continuum over time.

Decades ago, I was taught the difference between a monomer and a polymer. I envision a simpler element, L, with a valence shell, or electron field(s), binding simply into something or another. I’ve been told that polymer medicine is like origami. The molecular form of the medication is a folding polymer, which, like a jigsaw puzzle piece, must precisely fit and bind into the larger polymer binding site of a molecular biological aspect of a microbiological disease scenario. Often, for example, medicine does not defeat a virus, medicine defeats a membrane component here or there.

Old Version

Just like old books and new books; it was odd to me to look at viruses after twenty years away from chemistry. I remember “Bucky Ball” more than the “novel” theory of viral form. In the nineties viruses looked bugs. Like Rip Van Winkle thinking George was still president, virology certainly was “novel” to me in 2020.

Trinkets and Bad Art?

Now, looking back at this ’18-‘19 timeframe one hundred years after the 1918 Army Distinguished Service Medal was awarded for the first time during the Influenza; a macroscopic history of our century’s biology and war seems evident.

Providence’s Caduceus

Today, relatively speaking, the 2018 Bayer Monsanto merger of life science chemistry and then COVID19 in the same instant, seems extremely pertinent to the post WWII US/Soviet/Sino struggle to build competing model societies. Morrill Federalism versus socialist collectivization. Agronomy, industry, and proximity of human habitation to such, along with cultural paradigms like Leviticus 11, all contribute to further hypothesis regarding Virology, and COVID19, in the context of the globalization construct of our century.

Contemporaneous to Now.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten to listen. Bookstores stock fiction and nonfiction. Pamphlets are illegal because of market economic theory? No one pays $12.99 for less than 400 pages. Periodicals are spatially precise and temporally never other than contemporaneous to the publication’s period or function. We don’t forget the special issues. Yet, can you get 80 years of time’s year in review? Who can see beyond what is contemporaneous to the now?

I specify as exemplary a correlation of it being also that I can’t watch Kennedy or Reagan at Brandenburg. Cronkite lunar landing coverage footage is not available in any searchable database either public, or for a private fee. I wonder who owns Wikipedia. Wikipedia envelopes me in it’s perimeter limitrophes, I see some void of cyberspace beyond it’s contributors’ voice of fact. I feel encapsulated in a sick Procrustean sense. Someone must be responsible.

By way of example, I remember when all the microfiche file cabinets disappeared at Dubois at UMass and I was told that “someone” had converted it all to digital format. I’d like to meet that librarian; perhaps when all the paper over the lobby is obsolete.

Personally, I, when following orders, once cleaned out a water damaged basement containing the entirety of the veterinary medical virology records of the medical response to the initial eastern seaboard migration of rabies northward into Connecticut. Another time we moved in two giant file cabinets filled with computer printouts of the same files that had been burned to a CD RW. The cabinets were aluminum, tan, in good condition, horizontal, utile. It’s somewhat like H. G. Wells’ “Time Machine” that I once heard that the majority of Disney’s work has been lost because of long term film storage chemical and thermodynamic problems. It was probably raining history at ticker tape parades. So much steel had been gathered in FDR’s scrap drive, then the French must’ve melted it down again into other things. I’m not sure about you, but I’m thinking about pharaonic gold in the woodwork at Versailles. Blame it all on an archetypal persona.

Further, I don’t deny my nation nor the premise of private property. NYSE companies like Ford, Cargill, Citibank, and even Fity need to keep intelligence private. What then is offensive about my chrysalis; where I postulate about unknowns and accept my own ignorance as I scan perhaps my thousandth index. What I mean to say is perhaps summarized by a metaphorical story about papyrus, or maybe clay tablet and stylus. I’ve called the apocrypha an amalgamation of a human record of a migration, places of importance and persons involved. Perhaps old books are relics.

Experimental Meatballs

An experiment for the purposes of making quantitative proportional and hedonistic assessment of meatball recipe ingredient types and their ratios, and of each particular resultant product.

The Italian Soufflé

1) The experimentation’s baking phase will occur in oiled soufflé dishes on a baking tray.

2) The rules for an Italian meatball have always basically begun with mixed ground meats at a approximate ratio of 2-1-1 parts beef, pork and veal.

3) Breadcrumbs, cheeses, egg and spices are then added to the mix of ground meats to achieve proper consistency, cohesion, and for the additional flavor added by the cheeses and spices.

4) Always debated are the chop on the garlic and basil. Chef and sous chef must debate this. Additionally, other potential alternate ingredients having similar concerns in this experiment, yet which the chef somehow will not consider, include: mushrooms or truffles of various types, black olives, anchovy, capers, onion, chive, scallion, etcetera.

3) The oven is always set to 350°F. Meat thermometers need to be seen as a tool for approximating doneness, especially with mixed ground meats. A final oven test should be done with a fork.

An optimal short term meat thermometer.

Gateless Gate

Vespertine snows fall this twilit eve. I fondly remember that I have forgotten. Life now is a reaction to the forces I elude. I reacquire what is necessary from my mind when I need it. Evasive I, until such. Judo said the bough that sheds the weight of accumulated snow does not break. The burdened bough moves when it must. The affront disappears in the weakness of a master’s evasive control of mass and momentum.

Speedball Superblack Ink Zen

Zen is instantaneous. Shinto is everywhere. The gateless gate is the limitrophe between Zen and Shinto. Shinto is the peace within the biometrics of the falling snow and it’s cartographic parameters. Shinto the omniscience of mind in all things. What is Zen in this instant other than the ears that hear the snow falling into itself in the darkening cold?

The Lesson is Simplicity

Further study of Japanese and Greek seems necessary. I may also try zodiac signs. It is far too easy to clutter the ink symbology on these torn pieces of watercolor paper. The pursuit of simplicity seems to be the object of the exercise.

There are many instants in a brushstroke.

Mathematical Code History

Today, I am reviewing native lumber timber frame trigonometry with Boppy. We are going to try to discuss our historical mathematics scholium pertaining to the domes of Christendom relative to the lives of historical mathematicians. Then, we will consider a breadth of historical forest and math specific western building practices and codes; based theoretically upon Greek and British mathematics and also upon native tree species and forestry mensuration.

Primitive Pythagoras

Trigonometry alone is a forgotten mathematics in carpentry. Fasteners and adhesives are perhaps to blame. Also, in structural applications, laminate sheathing lumber makes nominal grade common elements a lighter frame option with comparable structural integrity.

Simple Square Rule Trigonometry
and Native Connecticut Lumber
Think Euclid After Pythagoras. Yet, Consider Newton.

Though Newtonian mathematics proceeds from the elliptical, a more elemental aspect of this historical mathematical trajectory is to be seen in an inversion of the Pythagoras to Newton continuum: Pythagorean trigonometric form clicking in degrees of the more Euclidean circle. 90° is 1/4 of a circle and the basis of Pythagorean mathematics. Proceeding 90°, 91°, 92°… nth. when the B squared factor is consistent, causes an arc which becomes the circle. Thus, a triangle in more Pythagorean mathematics becomes a circle along the degrees of which arcs can then perpendicularly create a dome. Simplifying; carpentry is based on level, plum, and square. It is then possible to add trigonometric angular aspects. The Pythagorean right triangle is a base component of a circle. Therefore, it is a component of an arc, a circle, an arch and a dome. Sir Isaac Newton proceeded into ellipses, and such as functions of the Pythagorean sine.

Consider Increments, Angles and Inclinations.
Mensuration Postulations
Colt Hartford
The Cast Iron Rotunda

Inverted Cubism

I wish friends would understand that art is possible for a nominal price in materials. I have found it often to be as much about avoiding as about pursuing form. I consider much of my work to be a type of inverted cubism. Progressing away from pure abstraction towards constituent elements of a recognizable whole.

Maine Woods

I further find that when in painting I arrive at the premise I intend to maintain, having begun there or altered my original framework; that the same premise of progression towards a final idea often is assimilated into grander themes.


Golgotha in particular is a painting I like to place in different contexts of display.

Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth Candelabra

Finally, I have a picture here of some items and their story relating to the turn of the twentieth century. I’m being sincere, although some would deny me. My collection has a very linear story within it which corresponds to the late 18th through early 21st centuries of American domestic and foreign history.

It is as though in study we learn the meaning of the word archetype; as the base themes we begin with are eventually refined into the finished work.

Union Under Federation

I don’t know if modern Unionists are Confederal in their dissent towards the USA or Federal and simply outranked by higher Federalists who know leftist Unionist populations are primarily held in “Morrill Act 1862” urban suburban population zone/regions. This, while the Civil War’s strategic objective of regionalizing the Federation on the National scale instead of at the State level for the achievement of such objectives as public health and national defense seems unknown to the left. The example seems to be that there is a persistent discrepancy between food and medicine. Concern related to the populace, from the Republic and the more stable Senate, addresses megalopolis states as being equal to the sustaining giants producing foddered meat for their consumption. In fact all states get an equal two votes in the US Senate. Meanwhile, in the populist House and “on the left”; healthcare presides and the electorate tends to dismiss such things as bulk grain rail and grain storage infrastructure legislation as the population has unlimited access to cheeseburgers for $1. There is no starvation, malnourishment, nor earlier predominance of vitamin deficiency diseases.

Pacific Rail, Morrill and Homestead Acts of 1862

The question I have is “how can the the people demand medicine for free as they deny and berate the agronomy sustaining them?” More precisely, in the abstraction of the politics above us, what force stipulated the division of food and medicine in American public health?

Further, how is it; 1) people love the Doctor so much that they reason he or she need not be compensated. 2) The consumptive megalopolises deny, disparage and downright hate the farm and forest lobby as the nation maintains an average BMI over 15%. And, 3) the activist left fails to see themselves as “populist faction” or to perceive the probabilities of angry free consumerism ever imploding amidst shortages along with capitalism itself and being destroyed as the world population reaches 10 billion souls upon an earth of finite natural resources.?

Masonic Premise

A few Masonic carpentry, cartographic and surveying type instruments, and a Past Master Masonic talisman. Missing, arguably, are a plumb bob, levels, compass, sextant, small combination square, the Stadtler architect’s pencil and sharpener, squares and speed squares of various sizes, Mason string and string level, the stand and the measuring rod for the transit, and
a few other devices like the Lufkin, the metric and English tape, a reel tape, and a Biltmore stick with scribner log rule. Oh, maps and schematic diagrams too.

Multiple instruments based on the same premises

The basics of Pythagorean trigonometry are often dismissed by the Newtonian world of calculus. Yet, essential elements of carpentry, navigation, forest measurements and even astronomy can be achieved, or taught in conceptual format, with instrumentation that is mostly dismissed by an historical mathematical shift away from Europe, which can be said to have occurred with the life and work of Sir Isaac Newton.

Note the lives of historical mathematicians like Pythagoras and Newton relative to times of construction of the Temple on the Mount, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and the Rotunda. It is notable that the Rotunda was built with Newtonian mathematics while the domes of the Temple on the Mount and Saint Peter’s Basillica predate Newton’s birth and were thus were Pythagorean. Then, consider perhaps the noting of the diurnal stars by Galileo.

If anyone thinks it geocentric heresy to retreat from Newtonian everything to more elemental Pythagorean thinking; I invite you to see a framing square not as a corner of a rectangle, but as being more elemental than a CAD platform or even a speed square: a framing square is a 3” x 4” x 5” triangle or a 45° by 45° by 90° triangle. The hypotenuse is to be envisioned in the space between the ruled lengths of the square. Then, the Pythagorean A squared, B squared, and C squared points of the triangle then create constant linear aspects along the square’s two ruled sides, relative to the particular type of triangle. More obtuse or acute and the speed square becomes an excellent tool. These; applicable to the transfer of not only those dimensions but of the angles and lines relative to those Pythagorean concepts of form and their constancies. Yet, while somewhat epitomizing points of origin and linear radium lines emanating from this Pythagorean not Newtonian scholium of vortices here; I will not retreat further to Euclid.

My Square Rule Trig Barn.

Understanding trig is then applicable to using the reel tape tape and the Biltmore, for estimating height at a known distance from timber tree towards finding a tree or timber log height above the DBH of the Biltmore’s height at distance. Simply, however, the trig is now on a vertical not horizontal plane.

If you conceptualize that type of thing; we might next begin to think as though we are within an armillary henge. First, sighting sunrise points on the horizontal horizon at comparable solstices. Then, look up on the vertical plane to see a Galilean proof of the diurnal heavens in the arc of hemispherically visible constellations. The Zodiac elevation of the Capricorn tropic falls from the equinox plane at the equator and rises again as Easter approaches, along the perpendicular plane of the poles. Even without specific measurements of the heavens over time, the lesson of cutting a post and beam brace, or bracing a custom and integral pegged mailbox post, or of sighting trees to be felled as a component of planning a structure for ones town, thence, these are mathematical ideations further applicable to the globally visible angular aspect of watching Alnitak in Orion’s Belt; arcing across the heavens from a seasonally vespertine time of it’s rise until perhaps midnight.

Angle of inclination might be a vantage of the heavens, a roof pitch, post and beam brace within a hybrid frame utilizing all the lumbers and engineered lumbers of the USA, the rise over run of stone garden steps pushed downhill with simple leverage towards the transit locale; into a hillside, or the “spokes” from a transit to fence post points along a planned top rail of a fence; curving down a hill at a consistent 4° downslope where the decline can’t be consistently maintained with Mason string at integer nails on posts along the applied mathematical arc abstraction.

Pythagorean Origin to Newtonian thought?

Here I will stop. Before vortice Scholiums of heavenly bodies overtake me. After all, I may need to retreat to Euclid and say or reiterate that there are 360° in a circle or a compass, and that these are divided into the 90° quadrants that make a common square an instrument. So twist your square next time you hold it. Consider that in the midst of trigonometric carpentry, navigation, and stargazing, the origins of the mathematics are the Euclidean circle. That; evolved thence through Pythagoras towards Newtonian calculus. Circles, angles, arcs and even ellipses all have a point of origin for distances and subsequent angles. I find it is always useful to maintain a simplistic viewpoint in something as beautiful as a carpenter’s square.